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demi in natuurpark
Demi in Nature Park

carla met oren-shefer
Carla with Oren Shefer (IsraŽl) and Micky

carla met maya
Carla with Maya

Our youngest cavalier "Shirley" from 2½ months in gnome land

pups op boerenkar
All together high on the farmer car

daar bij die molen
There by the windmill......

tuintrap met 3 cavaliers
From upstairs to downstairs : Sanne, Michelle and Nancy

de cavalierhoeve
On the table : Bubbles and Nancy - Under the table : Sanne

in het bloemenbos
All our cavaliers in the flower wood

panoramafoto met diva
Panorama photo with Diva

jennifer bij de rozenhaag
Jennifer by the rose hedge

michelle met brenda
Michelle with our Brenda from 6 month old

dolle pret in de tuin
Great fun at the playing field in the garden

de rozencavaliers
The rose cavaliers

maya en diva
Maya and Diva

carla met cavaliers in het bos
Our cavaliers full of expectation for a dog snack

jennifer met tuinbeeld
what is this for a strange figure

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